Our Story

How it Started

Biguyi Eric Daniel and Mukooyo Jolly founded CAEVA in 2009. Both first met as students at Kiira College Butiki in 1996. Rural folks that lived in communities neighbouring this high school regularly interfaced with students, especially at water sources and in a minimarket (yellow market) gazetted within the school. These folks sold their ripes to students at this minimarket, the income they earned was hardly enough to afford a good education for their children nor to improve the nutritional status of their large families. Furthermore, that meagre income could hardly be an incentive for them to neither discontinue child labour as a way to increase on their household income nor to cease consenting to child marriages to offset the burden of care to the husband’s family. Despite these folks experiencing the fore mentioned challenges, they maintained a supportive and conducive environment to learning, which, among other factors, contributed to the success of the students.

Long after Eric and Jolly had completed their undergraduate education, communities around their former school still experienced the same challenges, which, unfortunately, had gravitated to worse. It is then that the idea of establishing an organisation, through which to utilise their professional skills as well as mobilise resources, to empower these communities was born. This initiative, in its entirety, was an act of GIVING BACK to communities that profoundly contributed to the students’ success at this community high school.

A name reflecting the actions of the organisation had to be crafted, hence, “CARE AND EMPOWERMENT OF THE VULNERABLE IN ACTION” abbreviated as CAEVA. The organisation expresses CARE and LOVE for VULNERABLE individuals, more especially children and youths, by taking non-discriminative PRACTICAL ACTION that differently EMPOWERS them to address their immediate, mid-term and long-term needs at individual, household, and community levels. Like any organisation is expected to grow, CAEVA has vertically and horizontally grown, from a small organisation with a robust local reach to one with an international presence, i.e. operating in different countries, and federating its country-level member organisations through CAEVA International. Member Organisations of CAEVA International share the same name, same strategy, same ambition, and a similar commitment to collaborate on strategies that enable children and youths to realise their full potential and to innovate solutions that turn SDGs into a reality.



for the common good is CAEVA’s guiding philosophy. CAEVA believes all people have something they can give back for the common good, and calls upon people to give back indeed.

Our Story