Where We Work


CAEVA Uganda was the first member organisation of CAEVA international. It’s registered with Uganda Registration Bureau of Services and with the Non-Government Organisations and Community Development Department of Jinja District, where its head office is located. It implements projects across the 6 programmes of CAEVA International. Its project implementing experience and resource (kind and cash) mobilisation efforts span over 10 years. CAEVA Uganda also hosts students/recent graduates on internship or carrying out consultancy projects, as well as other persons involved in volunteering. The interventions of the organisation primarily target children and youths. Those with disability aren’t left behind. CAEVA Uganda has a robust community network and established good working relations with other key players and stakeholders. At the moment, CAEVA Uganda has 16 staffs led by the Board of Directors. It also has a Board of Trustees made up of 5 members. The works of CAEVA Uganda are featured under the programmes page.

Kategula Stage, Wabulenga Namulesa
Kamuli Road, Jinja, Uganda
P.O.Box 1050, Jinja, Uganda,
Tel: +256392002139
Email: uganda@caeva.org

United Kingdom

CAEVA United Kingdom is a member of CAEVA International. It is registered with the UK Charity Commission. It primarily focuses on the prevention and relief of poverty among vulnerable youths and children in Uganda by providing or assisting in provision of education, training, healthcare and any other necessary support that enables them overcome poverty. It also offers relief and assistance to persons affected by disasters in Uganda as well as communities where those affected by disaster have sought refuge (host communities). To achieve its charitable objectives, CAEVA UK mobilises resources, coordinates students/recent graduates to undertake internship, consultancies, and volunteership (virtual, online, and onsite) on CAEVA UK supported projects, and on other projects supported by other partners, implemented by any member organisation of CAEVA International. CAEVA UK also identifies capacity building opportunities for its team and for member organisations of CAEVA International, and, supports them to attend. Lastly, CAEVA UK participates in activities that make its work known in UK, Uganda, and across the globe. A team of 3 Board Members and 2 volunteers on management run the organisation business. Projects with funding from UK are captured on the programmes page.

62 Broad Avenue,
Bedford, MK42 9SW
Tel: +447972046686
Email: unitedkingdom@caeva.org